Rebekka Gorges

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As a diversity workshop facilitator, I specialize in leading workshops for media organizations that are designed to help companies promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and reduce discrimination. What sets my workshops apart is the emphasis on practical exercises, with minimal theoretical input. The goal is to help participants feel what diversity and anti-discrimination mean, which leads to a deeper understanding and a more meaningful experience.

The workshops are designed to be interactive, with group exercises that make participants more sensitive towards the different dimensions of diversity. The aim is to help them bridge empathy gaps and create a more inclusive workplace culture. We then work as groups to apply diversity in the organizational and business environment, discussing practical solutions and strategies that can be implemented in their respective workplaces.

The overall goal is to empower participants to embrace diversity and foster inclusivity, creating a safe and respectful workplace where all employees feel valued, regardless of their background or identity. By providing practical tools and strategies for promoting diversity and inclusion, my workshops help companies create positive changes in their workplace culture, leading to increased creativity, innovation, and productivity.