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Diversity and inclusion audits

Diversity and inclusion audit: A comprehensive assessment of your organization's current diversity and inclusion practices, including an examination of policies, procedures, and systems, employee interviews, and data analysis. Identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement, and providing recommendations for creating a more inclusive workplace.

Intersectionality-based diversity and inclusion workshops

Workshops that focus on the interconnected nature of social identities and the ways in which different forms of discrimination and privilege intersect. These workshops help individuals and organizations understand the complexity of diversity and the importance of considering the intersectionality of different identities in their diversity and inclusion efforts.

Individual coaching

One-on-one sessions with an experienced diversity and inclusion consultant. These sessions focus on personal and professional development and are tailored to the unique needs of each individual. The goal is to provide guidance and support for individuals to develop their skills and knowledge in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and to help them become effective change agents within their organizations.

Diversity and inclusion training for leaders and managers

Specialized training program designed to equip leaders and managers with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to create and maintain a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. The training covers topics such as understanding unconscious bias, creating an inclusive culture, and leading with empathy and cultural intelligence.

Company Workshops

Tailored training and development programs for organizations and teams, aimed at fostering a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. These workshops cover a range of topics such as unconscious bias, intersectionality, cultural competency, and inclusive leadership, and use interactive and engaging methods to enhance learning and facilitate change within the organization.

Addressing and Preventing Diversity Incidents

A workshop designed for companies that have experienced a diversity-related incident and are looking to address and prevent future incidents. The workshop focuses on understanding the root causes of these incidents and creating a culture of inclusion and respect. Through interactive exercises and discussions, participants will learn how to identify and address unconscious biases, create an inclusive culture, and communicate effectively across differences. The goal of the workshop is to empower organizations to create a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees.